Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, 18 December 2021

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Virat returns and tells his family that he went to meet his friend’s wife shruti. Sai gets upset. The DIG tells Virat tells that Sadanand’s body is missing. Virat says that he needs a leave of 3 days, DIG approves and leaves. Sai gets ready to leave virat asks her that where is she going.

Sai tells that when he did not inform then why will she tell him . After some time she returns to take her ID card.By mistake she falls on virat and she tells that she fell by mistake.Virat tells her not to taunt him.

Sai tells him that he doesn’t even answer her properly.Virat decides to tell shruti about sadanand.Sai goes to the college there she falls on another guy and she started screaming on him Pulkit says that it is her mistake she apologized to the person.

On the other hand Virat reaches Shruti. Shruti tells that she wants to go to the hospital so that she can do the last rituals of Sadanand she tells that she wants to pray to God. Virat drops the idea of telling the truth to her that Sadanand’s body is missing.

On the other hand Sai tells Pulkit what has happened to Virat and and how is he behaving with her. Virat tells that he will take her to the temple, Mohit finds Virat and Shruti leaving the hotel. He goes and asks the hotel reception is that who is the lady with Virat.

The hotel receptionist informs him that it is the pregnant wife Virat who is staying over there since 3 days. Mohit get surprised to know that all these are happening over there.Sai returns home Mohit starts thinking that how will he tell the truth to her .

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