Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein Upcoming Spoiler alert

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Bhavani asks sai to do the aarti as she is virat’s wife and she has the power to save Virat from any condition even from the death bed.

Sai goes to take the Aarti thali and her hands starts to shiver.Bhavani also tells her to tie the protection band on virats wrist.

Sai’s hand shiver and the aarti thali goes to fall but virat saves the thali from falling. Ashwini asks her to concentrate on Aarti. Bhawani tells her that she is the wife of a Police Officer and she can’t fall weak.

After this she does the aarti and she ties the protection band and puts the cap on Virar head.She asks virat to make a promise.Devyani ask same to promise her because he never fails to keep any promise.

Sai asks Virat to promise that he will come back for her.Virat consoles her and says that he will surely come back and she need not to worry. Because it is real friendship that will always stay with them.

Virat gets ready to leave but sai calls him from behind and gives the lunch box. Both of them hug each other. Sonali stars taunting her.

Sai accompanies Virat and leaves him at the door. Virat enters the car sai keeps on looking at him until and unless he vanishes.Bhawani says everyone to pray for Virat and no one should cry.

Pakhi tells Bhawani that during the Aarti sai’s hands were shivering so from the next time she should allow her and Samrat or Mohit and Karusa do the pooja.

Later Ashwini blames Bhawani that due to her Virat has to go to the mission.Sai remembers Virat ,Virat also watches The Lunchbox and remember sai.

Sai thinks of calling Virat and speaking to him but she thinks that he must be with his colleagues. Virat takes out the modak from the tiffin box and shares it with his colleagues.His colleagues praise him for coming to the mission.Pakhi comes to Sai room and ask her that she is missing Virat.

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