Anupamaa 1st December 2021 : Anupama gets shocked to see Anuj in the house


Anupamaa 1st December 2021 Written Update

Leela and Hasmukh enter the room everyone gets surprised to see them. Everyone says that they are looking beautiful. Anupama says that both of them are looking adorable. Leela tells that she would have been happier if the whole family would happen there.

Leela tells that she was that Dolly and Jignesh what happened there. Dolly arrives there and tells with that she should not be worried otherwise her makeup will be destroyed. Leela gets surprised to see her over there. She Goes and tells sorry to her for her behavior.

Leela says that she has made a very big mistake and she wants to improve it. Dolly tells that when she was small she made many mistakes but Leela always forgives her. Leela tells that she has made a mistake and she should learn from it. She also says to Sanjay that she is extremely sorry.

Sanjay tells that Leela should not feel sorry and she should bless him.Samar call everyone start the photoshoot. Leela and Hasmukh give poses and clicks photos. Everyone enjoys the moment.Vanraj apologize to Dolly for his behaviour. She asks him to forget that has happened and to move ahead in the life.

Vanraj also apologize to Sanjay because he insulted him the last day. Sanjay forgives him Kavya thinks what is happening because a few days back everyone was our giving and now everyone is happy with each other. Leela asks Anupama whether it is she who has called everyone.

Leela tells that she knows it very well that she is the only one who can make everyone agree. Anupama says that she has done nothing Anupama denies accepting the fact that she has invited everyone. Leela tells that she is her mother and she understands everything.

Kavya watches all this from behind and gets shocked to see all these. Nandini makes her understand that our family is like this only everything gets ok with time. After the photoshoot, everyone gets ready for the haldi ceremony. Jignesh asks that what are they doing over they are.

He questions Hasmukh that why is he prepared as it is his wedding. He reminds him that it is his marriage ceremony that’s why he as prepared himself. Jignesh asks that whether there will be any Qawwali or not. Hasmukh tells that it is not qawwali it is the haldi ceremony with will happen.

Everyone starts laughing hearing on these conversations. Dolly tells that women of the family will apply mahine the on Leela’s . Hasmukh asks that who will do mehndi for him.Vanraj and Sanjay decides to do Mehendi for him. Anuj and GK enters the house at that moment.

Everyone gets shocked to see both of them Leela goes and joins her and in front of them and apologize to them for her behaviour the last day. Anuj asks her to forget everything and to move ahead in your life. Leela says that she has understand the thing that a woman can also have friend after marriage.

Anupama gets shocked to hear all this from her. Kavya also feels surface things how can this be possible that the person she was fighting with few days ago she is welcoming them to her own house.Vanraj also apologize to them and welcomes them today house.

Later on Anupama speaks to Anuj she says that everything is getting beautiful with time. GK and Hasmukh both of them find Anupama and Anuj speaking to each other. GK asks Hasmukh that how did he say all list Anupama that she should accept Anuj.

He says that it was very important to you tell this both of them starts joking with each other. Everyone’s start preparing for the haldi ceremony when Jignesh again asks the same question that whether there will be any Qawwali or not. Hasmukh asks that voice he only speaking about qawwali. He calls samar and asks to follow him.

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