Anupama Season 1, Ep 455 :Will malvika accept anuj and anupama’s relation?

Anupama 23 december 2021

Malvika asks Anupama that what does he want to have, she asks her to make anything that she loves. Anuj, Anupama and Malvika starts laughing. Anupama asks to excuse her and she leaves from there. Anuj makes tea for Anupama and goes to give it to Anupama.

Anuj asks inform that whether she is feeling bad because Malvika told like that to her she says that she has not felt anything. Anuj praises Anupama because she is so good. Anupama tells that Anuj is also equally very good. Kavya does exercise.

Kavya gets cramp, Leela asks her that what has happened she says that she has got a muscle cramp. Kavya 6 Leela that how can she be so fit at this age and how is Anupama’s hair so good Leela asks her to focus on the inner beauty and not on the looks.

Later Kavya asks vanraj about his office location, he says the family that he is going to work in Anuj’s office Kavya tell that there will be Anupama and Anuj in the office . Vanraj tells her that if you want she can run the cafe. She says that she has done MBA not for running a cafe.

Paritosh tells that he will run the cafe if Kavya does not want to run the cafe.Vanraj give him the permission to run the cafe, Kavya says that he has got the cafe in charity. Kinjal feels proud of Paritosh because he is taking the initiative to do something on his own.

On the other hand Anuj praises Malvika for making the pancakes for them and he also says and praises the food made by Anupama. Malvika gets upset.At the cafe Nandini and Samar asks Paritosh to make some coffee for them. Nandini, Kinjal and samar praise Paritosh for making so good coffee.

Paritosh receives a message from Rakhi for running the cafe. Paritosh asks rakhi to visit the cafe once. Malvika gets mad at Anuj she tells that she is very upset because he brought Anupama in between them. She says that during the time of Akshay he did the same thing.

Malvika reminds him that when she told that she loves Akshay, he rejected him she gets upset with Anuj and later on she leaves the house. Anuj and Anupama starts finding Malvika on the road. Anuj breaks down completely after all these, Anupama consoles him.

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