Anupama S01 Ep452, 20th December 2021 :Anuj waits for anupama to return home


Anupama tell Anuj that she is not upset because he has not told her about Malvika but she is upset because he does not think her what the tell her about Malvika Anuj tries to defend himself he says that he never wanted to hide anything from her.

Anupama says him that Devika has always say that in friendship pain and happiness is equally shared. Anuj course to speak to Anupama but Malvika comes and takes him from here. GK apologize to the family and tells that he is feeling bad because he has not told about Malvika to them.

Leela tells that and who’s also has a sister and they does not know anything about that.Paritosh and Hasmuk says there is something not fine thus, Anuj hidden about Malvika. GK stands stunned. Anuj feeds food to Malvika he also praises the food made by Anupama .

Vanraj asks Anupama that why is she so scared. She says that she is not scared she is just upset because Anuj has not shared the things about Malvika with her. Kavya watches them and things that vanraj speaking to Anupama. In the meantime Malvika tells Anuj today must leave.

Anuj asks that how can delete because the party is still going on Malvika tells that there is nothing like that she says that the party must go on but they should leave for home. Anuj asks Anupama that how will she come to the house Anupama says that samar will drop her.

After Anuj and Malvika leaves Kavya comes and asks Anupama that what will she do now because after Mallika came to Anuj he is only thinking about her. Anupama asks her to think about her and she will take care of herself by her own.Leela and Shah’s talk about Malvika and think why Anuj kept secret about her.

Pakhi reads about Malvika on social media and information everyone that she Travels place to place. Kavya asks her husband to stay away from Malvika for else he will fall in love with Malvika. He says that he will never fall in love with Mallika because now he is only thinking about his work.

He says that now he has become Unstoppable. On the other hand Malvika feel afraid because Anuj is driving the car. GK ,Anuj and Malvika all of them speaks about the past moments of their life and gets emotional .Anuj waits for Anupama to come.

After waiting for a long time Anuj finds that Anupama has been not came to his house he decides to leave to Anupama’s house and find out that what is the matter. Malvika thinks that it must be that Anuj is going to meet Anupama. Anuj goes to Anupam and asks that why did she not returned to the house.

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