Anupama S01 Ep450,17th December 2021:Shah’s gets surprised to see Malvika

Anupama 17 december 2021

Anupama decides to call anuj and ask that anuj has taken the medicines or not.Anuj and GK reaches at the hotel ,GK tells that he will look for malvika and try to find out where is she. Anuj receives a call from Anupama.She asks him that he has taken the medicines or not.

Anuj tells that he has not taken them till now.anu tells that she knew very well he will not that why she was calling him to remind him about it.Anuj tells that he will have it lateron. Anupama tells him to take the medicines immediately.Anuj tells that he cant take the medicines as there is no water.

Anupama tells him to stop making excuses. Anuj tells a waiter to bring water he takes the medicines .Anu reminds him he need to take another medicine.He takes it.Anuj tells that he wants to tell her something but she should not get upset .anu tell that now adays she like whatever she tells.

Anuj tells her that for the first time he is feeling as if he is not single.Kavya comes there and questions anupam that what is vanraj upto.Anu tells that she doesnot have any idea about what will happen.She denies to believe that and says that vanraj must have told her not to reveal.

Kavya tells that he has not told her. She tells that she can’t understand that why he always speaks to Malvika. Anupama gets surprised to hear Malvika’s name she asks that how did she know about Malvika. Kavya tells that vanraj now as days speaks to someone named Malvika. She tells that she thinks that it is his new girlfriend.

Vanraj tells the family that they must be waiting to know that what surprise is waiting for them. Hasmukh tell him to reveal the surprise. He tells that he will reveal the surprise but at the right time and in the right way.Vanraj tells that he is very happy that the whole family along with Anupama is over there.

Kavya tells that vanraj it will take everyone’s number he will never take her name.Vanraj tells that yes he is also happy because Kavya is there. The music starts and vanraj starts dancing . He puts off the light, Kavya finds that is dancing with the lady and she tries to know that who is that.

Vanraj raises the curtains and reveals that he is working with Malvika in a new project. He introduces Malvika in front of everyone. Malvika hugs him. Kavya tells that why is she getting so close to her husband. Nandini asks her to calm down because they are only speaking about business nothing else.

Malvika introduces her self and tells everyone that she will be working with vanraj in the upcoming projects.Vanraj tells that he will be working with her to make one of the greatest businesses.Vanraj introduces Malvika to his family. Malvika asks am to click some pictures.

She suddenly finds that Anuj is standing there She Goes and hugs him everyone gets shocked to see Anuj over there. Anuj gets emotional and he starts crying. Anuj tells that he is seeing her after such a long time. Malvika gets emotional. GK also hugs Malvika.

Leela tell that why Malvika is hugging Anuj. Hasmukh tells that the both of them must be friends in London. Malvika ask Anuj that why is he late. He tells that actually it is due to GK he went into the wrong banquet. My Malvika that why did he go into the wrong banquet.

GK tell that actually there were some women of his age that’s why he was spending time there. Malvika tells that for being late both of them have to pay the price and tells that they will be punished.Vanraj thinks that why is Malvika getting so close to Anuj.

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