Anupama Ep462,31st December 2021:Anuj calls anupama,malvika’s ‘Bhabi’

Anupama 31st December 2021
Images-Still from the show

Anupama episode 31st December 2021: the episode starts with Malvika she returns home and tells everyone that she has mistaken. She says that she was only joking with them. She also apologizes to Leela. Kavya thinks that Malvika went out of the house as if she will never return but she came back to the house in just a few minutes.

Anuj thanks Anupama and says that he would have not able to manage her and make her understand .Anupama and tells that Malvika is just like a little kid she needs to be scolded and she also needs to made understand. Anuj says that Anupama made her understand just like her bhabhi.

Hasmukh and GK tells Anupama that they want something from her. Anupama says that it is the Christmas party and they must give the present to her. Anupama asks that what does they want, they say that they won the same thing that Malvika has asked for.

GK says that when both of them are in love they must tell the truth to each other. Anupama asks that why is Anuj not telling anything to her, GK tell that actually Anuj is an idiot that’s why he is unable to say his heart. Anuj enjoy City Christmas party with family. Anupama thinks that they may be right she must confess her love.

Samar tells a shayari, leela says that it is a very bad shayari done by him. He says that they must play a game because it is a party and a party is incomplete without any games. Malvika says that but before the games Paritosh want to say something to Anupama.

Paritosh comes forward and tells Anupama that he has done a mistake in his life and I can’t even imagine how he did all this, he says to Anupama that he will never too such mistakes in his life. He apologized Anupama for all the bad behaviour that he has done with her.

Anupama gets emotional and hugs him. Paritosh tells that his father and Malvika has given him another opportunity in his life they have offered him a job in their company. He tells that he will work very hard and will prove himself and will become the same Paritosh home Kinjal has loved.

Kinjal gets emotional and hugs him, everyone starts clapping. The whole family starts dancing to the songs. Then samar tells that they must start with the game. He says that the rule of the game is that everyone will be blindfolded and then they have to put the garland on anyone’s neck.

Kavya asks that what is the reason behind this stupid game. Samar says that there will be consequences because the person who will wear the garland, will have to give the other person whatever they want. Anupama asks Anuj to get ready because she will put the garland on him.

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