Anupama 6th Dec 2021 Promo Update:Vanraj decide to get divorce,kavya breaks down


Star Plus’s popular show Anupamaa major drama ahead. So far it is seen that after Kavya returns the property papers to the family vanraj says that he has a gift for her.

She gets excited and says that she loves gifts.Vanraj takes out the envelope and gives it to Kavya. Kavya opens the envelope and finds some papers. Everyone gets eager to know that what is written over there.

Kavya it’s the paper and finds that it is the divorce paper.Vanraj ask our view that how did she like the gift after everyone gets to know that it is divorce papers everyone gets shocked.

Vanraj says that he wasn’t waiting for the wedding anniversary of his parents. He says that his parents have celebrated 50th year of wedding anniversary and now it is time for him to get divorce for the second time.

Anupama 6th December 2021

Kavya blames Anupama for all this she says that anupama must have told him to do all this. Anupama tells that she has done nothing.Vanraj asks Kavya to stop blaming and Anupama he reminds her how she forcefully married him before he got divorce with Anupama.

Vanraj tell that whatever money he has in his bank account will be given to Kavya. He says that he is always so ready to give the cafe to her.

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In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Kavya apologize to vanraj for her behaviour she says that from now she will be never letting him down.

Vanraj denies to believe her and listen to her. He says that he has done with her and now he wants to get rid of her. He decides to leave the house. Kavya starts begging him to stay with her. But he does not listen to anyone.

Dolly tells Anupama to make vanraj understand so that he stays with Kavya. In the upcoming episode it will be very interesting to know whether Anupama gets successful in making vanraj understand. Till that stay tuned with us for latest spoilers and updates. And keep on watching StarPlus daily soap Anupama.

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