Anupama 3rd December 2021 written update: Kavya asks Anupama to get out of the family photo

anupama 3 december 2021 written update

Anupama reaches the shah house and thinks that it is god that it is sunday or else she had to go to the office . Anupama does the Tulsi pooja.

Kavya watches all these and things that Anupama is trying to get into the house she thinks that she must do something.

Dolly and Anupama helps leela to get ready for the function. Anupama says that Leela is the most adorable women. She is lying Anupama tell that she is not.

On the other hand vanraj helps Hasmukh to get ready he says that 26 years ago he helped him to get ready and today his help him to get ready.

Vanraj is that he is lucky to see this day, he says that his marriage life was not well. Hasmukh says that there is nothing known as good luck because everyone make their own luck.

The whole family starts celebrating today the Shah family get-together start time. GK asks Anuj whether is feeling jealous or not.

He is feeling not jealous because it is a very happy moment for Anupama and the whole family and she has forgotten everything and is celebrating today. GK tells that yes she doing all this only for the family .

Leela and Hasmukh does all the rituals of the marriage. Anuj says that they must play a game which is the couple game. He asks both of them to tie a rope with only one hand.

And both of them should be well after this samar asks everyone to Stand Together photo family photo . Kavya finds that Anupama standing alone with family she gets angry on her.

She goes and asks her to come out of the group she reminds her what she has done in the wedding of Paritosh. She says that at that time she was an outsider and now she is an outsider.

Vanraj ask Kavya to stop this and not to destroy the day. Anupama ask her to say whatever she wants to say her Kavya says that she wants to speak to her all alone.

She takes Anupama to the room and start speaking to her she asks whether and promise feeling uncomfortable in the room or not.

On the other hand the family starts thinking about what is going on. Pakhi tells her father that he must have stopped the Kavya.

Kavya ask Anupama that when does she work because each and every time she finds her in the house. She says that every time she finds that anuj in the house.

Anupama makes her understand that whatever she has done with family is very wrong. She says that due to her today no one is speaking to her.

Anupama tells her that she is a very educated woman and she can buy 2-3 house if she wants. She says that if she keeps the family happy then automatically she will not be coming to the house.

The parcel comes and vanraj receive the person. Anupama says to Kavya that she must take care of the family and keep the family happy and Anupama leaves from there.

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