Meet Episode 19th Nov 2021 Sneak Peek: Shocking! Babita scolds meet

Meet 19th November 2021

Meet finds that meet ahlawat is getting bored sitting in the room he thinks of doing something so that she can discuss his mind.

She goes to Babita and asks that she can take meet out of the house or not but Babita does not agree to her she says that she can’t take the risk.

She asks her to take care of her son and go to the room. Then meet asks Babita that she has lots of money but still she works each and every day.

Babita tells that she was each and every day because she is passionate about her work. Meet tells that her son is exactly like her and that is the reason why her son is also getting bored.

Babita gives the permission to her to take meet out of the house and spend time with the family. Meat takes meet ahlawat out of the house and the whole family surprises him.

They decide to play the pillow game. While playing the game meet finds that meet ahlawat it can get heart while playing the game so she says that she can’t allow him to play the game.

Everyone says that they can play dumb charades. Meet tells that that is a good idea and they start playing dumb charades. Babita hears all the family members playing.

She gets worried about her son.Meet ahlawat gets this balanced but meet catches him. Babita comes running she thinks that her son has got hurt.

But later she finds that nothing has happened to her son. She tells that each and every day she gets upset when she remembers about her elder son who is no more in this world.

She asks meet take special care of herself.Meet ahlawat thinks that this has brought a new problem because he have to get out of the room in the night and now after all this meet will be more alert.

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