Meet Ep 85,23rd November 2021 :Meet Ahlawat’s plans Surprise for Meet

Meet 23 november 2021

Meet tells the Guruji that her mother told her to keep such a secret that she is not feeling free. She finds that meet ahlawat is having problem She Goes and helps him.

The Guruji says that she does not have to tell anything because he understood what she wants to tell he tells her that nothing will happen and everything will be ok meet goes and takes blessings from him.

Manushi applies nail paint. Anubha asks her to help her in cooking but she says that she can’t because she is applying nail paint. Anubha asks her to wash the utensils.

Manushi tells her that what will Kunal think that she is speaking like this. Anubha tells that a guest should not stay in the house for so long.

Kunal also thinks that he does not want to stay but he have to stay because he does not have money. On the other hand meet helps meet ahlawat to do the workout.

But he says me that he is not willing to do the work out but she does not listen to him and later on helps him to do the work out.

Meet goes to the kitchen to make some vegetable soup. Babita finds her in the kitchen and asks her to leave the kitchen because she will ask anyone is used to make the soup.

Guddu tells meet ahlawat that it is meet’s birthday.Meet ahlawat plans of birthday party to surprise meet. He asks his chachi to help in the decorations of the birthday party.

He also calls Anubha and ask her to join the birthday party. Masoom gets to know about the birthday party and things that meet ahlawat it has made it easier for her now after inviting Anubha.

Anubha gets ready for the birthday party when dadi comes and tells that Anubha has remembered meet’s birthday but she has forgotten her son’s birthday who died because of meet. Anubha asks her whether she is willing to go to the birthday party or not, she refused to go.

Everyone starts preparing for the birthday party.Meet ahlawat speaks to Guddu about how is the preparation going on.Meet goes to leave the room but meet ahlawat asks that very easy going. She says that she is going outside the room.Meet ahlawat tell her that she can’t go outside.

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