Meet 22nd Nov 2021, Ep84 :Babita learns the truth

Meet 22 november 2021

The episode starts with meet she finds that the news of yesterday night has been printed on the paper. Unfortunately Babita find the news.

She tells everyone that a girl last night has saved some people from getting into a manhole. And she tells that the girl is no one but meet.

She scolds her because she left meet ahlawat all alone in the home she asked that what would have happened if he would have needed something the last night.

Meet lie that she has taken care of him and he was absolutely ok. Afterwards meet ahlawat gets angry on meet and asks that why did she keep quiet.

He asks meet that when everyone was scolding her she should have told the truth to everyone that it was his plan. Meet things that she is has been a very big tooth from him already.

Masum calls Guruji. Rajvardhan asks that why is Guruji there.Because if you have called they would have gone to meet him. Guruji says that he has came there because someone has called him.

Masum tells that she has called because meet ahlawat and the family is facing difficulties since a lot of days. Guruji asks everyone to write if they are hiding anything from anyone in the family on a paper.

Everyone writes something on the other in the paper that meet tells Guruji that she can’t write the thing on the paper and asks to come to meet ahlawat’s room and give him the blessings.

She tells that she will tell the thing that she wants to tell in the room. Masum follows her. Meet Bros to tell the truth to guruji when she doubts that someone is there outside the room.

Meet closes the door but Masum stands outside the window and tries to listen what is going on. Meet starts thinking whether telling the truth guruji will be good for hair or not because she has promised her mother that she will not reveal the truth.

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