Meet 20th Nov 2021 Spoiler Alert : OH NO! Meet ahlawat’s sister catches meet

Meet update

Zee TV serial meet episode 28 November 2021 spoiler alert- In the upcoming episode it will be seen that meet decides to help meet to meet ahawat Manushi.

Meet takes meet ahlawat out of the house so that she can take him to meet anushi.But meet ahlawat’s sister finds both of them getting out of the house.

She comes down .Meet helps meet ahlawat to get in the car .Then she messages manushi to come so that they can meet each other.

Meet ahlawat’s sister gets in the car. Meet reaches the location where she asked Manushi to come. She gets down from the car.

She goes to meet Manushi on the other hand meet ahlawat’s sister comes out of the car and follows meet.

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