Meet 15th November 2021 : Meet Ahlawat gets admitted to the hospital

Meet 15th november 2021

The goons starts beating meet ahlawat he somehow calls meet and says her to come in the highway. She finds that the goons are beating her husband.

She starts fighting with the goons. She finds that her husband is in a very critical condition she tries to get his consciousness back.

When the other goons attack meet. She tries to get away from there but she she does not find any way out. She prays to God to give some idea.

Somehow she gets on the car and thinks that how can she get rid of them because she needs to take meet ahlawat to the hospital immediately.

She plays the music of police cars and the goons ran away from there. She goes to start the car she does not find the keys. Somehow she gets a rickshaw.

She takes him to the hospital . The doctor says that he can’t start the treatment because it is a criminal case and she needs to file FIR.

Meet says that she will file FIR but at first they must treat the patient. The doctor denies listening to her she asked whether she will file a complaint against him or not a doctor agrees to start the treatment.

Finding that Babita is not well isha says that she must call Meet ahlawat but Babita asks not to call him. Babita says that if she calls him then he will come there running.

Meet call Rajbardhan and inform that meet ahlawat is admitted to the hospital and he must come to see him the nurse tells that they need some blood and asks meet to gather the blood as soon as possible.

Meet donate her blood but she finds that it is not sufficient. She goes to another place to donate her blood because the hospital told that once she has donated blood she can donate it for 3 months.

She donated her blood and brings the blood to the hospital and gives it to the nurse ,the nurse tell that the blood is enough and it will be OK.

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