Meet 10th November 2021 -Oh No! Meet gets hurt

Meet goes to bring water for her husband. Meet steps on Kunal’s hand she goes to find that what was it but she looks at her husband and goes to him and gives the water.

Amma ji signals Kunal coronavirus from their Kunal goes running away when he falls down meet ahlawat goes to help him but Ammaji says that he can’t go there until the Puja completes.

Meet ahlawat asks meet to take back the challenge but she does not take back the challenge and both of them gets on the will to play.

Tai starts making video meet drop some ball and things that her husband is out but tai shows the video that he is not out.

Unfortunately the ball goes and strikes Kunal, he gets angry and starts screaming on the kids on the road. He finds that meet is coming and he hides his face.

Meet asks that how can someone drink tea without opening the mask from the face. Later on, she finds Kunal’s face and she goes to follow him.

But she returns back and starts playing she thinks about Kunal. When the ball strikes her head and she feels dizzy her husband takes her in his arms.

Meet asks him to drop her down he says that both of them are husband and wife and he must to do this much for her. Manushya goes and hides upstairs.

Meet ahlawat also goes upstairs. Amma tries to stop him but he does not stop and go upstairs. Manashi goes and Hides in the storeroom.

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