Kundali Bhagya – November 22, 2021 :So Sweet! Karan and preeta teases eachother

Kundali Bhagya November 22 2021

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta tells Rishabh of that she is feeling very good for both of them. She tells that sherlyn is changing day by day and this change is very good.

Rishabh tells that she has also noticed the change. He remembers what happened the last night. Last night when Rishabh was going to sleep sherlyn ask him to sleep on the other side of bed.

Sherlyn said that in the morning the sun rays falls on that side of the bed that’s why he has bad headache through the day and he also have to go to the meetings.

Rishabh says that he did not think about this and feels proud of his wife. Back to the reality Preeta asks that what happened the late-night Rishabh blush.

Preeta tells that when he loves her so much he must Express himself in front of her. He says that he can’t do all this Peter says that if he doesn’t do this then she will tell everyone about his love.

Rishab decides to tell the truth to his wife.Sherlyn speaks on the phone to the lawyer she asks the lawyer to do whatever he wants and take out Prithvi from the jail.

Sonakshi thinks that the family members still treat her as an outsider. She thinks that she have to do something so that everyone start forgetting Preeta. So that she can make the place in the house.

On other hand Rishabh overhears all this conversation.Sherlyn sees the shadow of Rishabh and changes her context. After speaking to the lawyer she asks Rishabh that what is he doing.

Rishab that he has had the thing which you have never said.Sherlyn tell that she was speaking to the lawyer and saying that Prithvi should never come out of the jail.

Rishabh accepts what she is stealing and says that yes he must have heard wrongs. Rishab thinks that he has had this same thing that she has told but he will not reveal the truth now.

Karan returns home Preeta asks that how is he home so fast. Karan tells that he was missing her so he came back. Preeta says that she knows very well that that is not the reason he has forgotten his car keys.

Both of them gets close to each other and get romantic. On the other hand Rishab follows sherlyn and gets into the jail and finds Prithvi and sherlyn together.

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