Kundali Bhagya – November 05, 2021 :Prithvi attacks Kritika and threatens to kill her

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta catches Prithvi ,she says that he is done because she has caught him red handed. Everyone comes behind her.

Prithvi starts acting he says that how the knife came to his hand he does not know . He says that actually he has a problem he works when he sleeps.

Preeta ask him to stop his acting because it truth is in front of her and everyone and now everyone knows the true character of Prithvi.

Preeta tells that what does he think that he only does observation but this time they all have done observation. She says that she knew that Prithvi was after Sandeep and Prithvi is the one responsible for these problems.

Preeta calls Sandeep Prithvi gets shocked to see Sandeep in good condition.She explains that how did she shifted Sandeep from there she says that when she asked Shristi to go to her room she saw the reflection of Prithvi in the class.

At the very moment she decided to remove something from there. And then she went to call Kritika part Kritika was not there show seek to the help of Kareena and Bani. Prithvi starts making excuses. Rakhi gets angry and slaps Prithvi. Prithvi pushes Rakhi.

Preeta gets angry and push Prithvi she says that Rakhi is her mother and he can’t touch her mother.He asks Kareena to believe him. He says that actually preeta loves him.Sameer gets angry and starts beating him and says that he can’t say all this about Preeta.

Mahesh asks that what are the waiting for they should call the police and arrest Prithvi. Prithvi thinks that it is only one person who can save him that is Kritika. Prithvi attacks Kritika and asks everyone to stay away from him he says Mahesh to cut the call.

He takes Kritika to the room everyone asks him to leave Kritika but Prithvi does not listen to them. Kareena decides to call the police but Preeta takes the phone and gives it to Srishti and asks her to do nothing like that. Bani also asks Kareena to listen to Preeta because it is due to her they have got to know the truth.

Prithvi leaves Kritika and says that he only wants to speak to her and that’s why he brought her in this room. Kratika asks him to stop she says that she has saw his original colors. Prithvi asks himself to cool down because she is the only one with the help of whom he can come back to the house.

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