Kundali Bhagya episode spoiler alert- Karan gets upset with Preeta

Kundali Bhagya episode spoiler alert

Sonakshi exchanges the dress which Karan has given to Preeta. Karan thinks that it is Preeta and hugs Sonakshi when puts Her hand on Karan he realizes that it is not Preeta.

He asks that what is she doing over there he says that actually he thought it is Preeta because she only does all the work in any occasion.

Sonakshi says that now she will report to Preeta about him Karan tells that he did not understand that’s why he made the mistake.

Sonakshi thinks that he has not made the mistake because it was she who has done all this. When Preeta comes downstairs Sonakshi tries to make Karan upset.

Sonakshi goes to Preeta and asks that how we should looking Preeta says that she is looking very beautiful she says that it feels like that dress has been made for her.

When Karan hears his conversation he just shocked to know that the present that he has brought for Preeta Sonakshi is wearing that Dress.

Preeta finds that Karan is upset she decides to speak to him. Kritika feels bad for her and everyone. Kritika says everyone that it is her mistake that she was the one who had told to everyone that she wants to marry Prithvi.

Kareena says that everything will be ok with time Karan tells that the happiness of her life will return Once Again. After sometime Karan and Preeta comes close to each other this pic to each other.

Preeta asks that how is looking into dress currency is that whatever she wears she looks beautiful. Srishti asks Pihu to change the dress.

Pihu says that she wants to change it on her on Sonakshi enters the room when no one is there. She tells a lie to Pihu she says that Preeta has told not to change the dress.

She gives the firecrackers to her and says that they must burn the firecrackers and enjoy but he asks hun not to tell who has given the firecrackers. Pihu gets excited.

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