Kundali Bhagya Episode 26 Nov 2021:WHAT! Pihu Gets Kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya

Prithvi asks Sherlyn to promise him that she will destroy the life of Preeta and do such things that the Luthra’s throws Preeta out of the house

Rakhi tells Kareena has said Mahesh that Rishabh has left the house for an important meeting. They sit to have breakfast.

Pihu gets ready to go to her friend’s birthday party. Preeta tells that she’s taking Pihu to the birthday party. Kareena asks her to take the driver with her.

Sonakshi thinks that so much drama happened last night but now everything is ok and again everyone is speaking to Preeta.

Preeta reaches Pihu’s friend’s house she asks Pihu’s friend’s mother to inform her when the party is about to end. Preeta reaches home and finds that bani is having problem in her knees.

She asks her to wait and she will bring the hot water bag, she tells her that she stopped the Physiotherapy that’s why this is happening.

Sonakshi thinks that brother is trying to impress everyone she decides to do something so that everyone starts blaming Preeta. She remembers that Kareena told Preeta protect the driver while going to the birthday party.

Sonakshi goes to Preeta’s and changes the contacts so that she can’t receive the message from Pihu’s friends mother. Later on preeta to bring the medicines for Mahesh.

Mahesh sits with Kareena and tells that he does not like Rishabh as well as Karan it does not like both of his son. He says that how can anyone leave the house within informing the family.

Kareena asks him to have the tea Preeta stops him and tells first to have the medicines. Mahesh tells that he is happy with his daughter.

Sonakshi and that’s the house and she feels nervous because by mistake when she was going to pick up Pihu. Pihu got kidnapped. She thinks that how can she tell this in front of everyone.

Karan reaches and asks where is Pihu, Preeta tells that she has gone to enjoy the birthday party of her friend. On the other hand the goons decide to kill Pihu.

Sonakshi thinks that she need not to worry because she has already changed the message that she sent to Preeta. And has deleted the message that she has sent earlier.

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