Kundali bhagya Ep 11th November 2021:Sonakshi’s plan works,karan gets happy

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she will make it sure that he comes out the jail very fast. Prithvi asks that how can she do this. She tells that she has spoken to the lawyer.

He asks that how is her mother she says that actually all those were drama she says that it was Peter who has manipulated her mother.

On the other hand Rishabh the police station. Sherlyn says the after he comes out of the jail she will stay with the luthra’s and people look on everyone.

Rishabh enters the jail and asks there where is Prithvi hearing the voice of Rishabh sherlyn hides. Rishabh ask that who came to meet Prithvi.

Prithvi says that it is his mother who came to meet him. Rishabh ask the police constable to go. Rishabh asks Prithvi to tell the truth Prithvi says that it was Sherlyn who came there.

Prithvi asks whether he is feeling jealous of him or not Rishabh says that he is neither feeling jealous not he is affected by the sayings of anyone.

He says that it is Prithvi’s deed for which he is in jail today and he will be there. Srishti returns home and says the house is looking beautiful.

On the other hand Mahesh also comes home and gives all the things he has brought. Preeta comes and asks them to close their eyes and shows Pihu.

Pihu looks beautiful in her new dress everyone hugs her. Kareena gets irritated she says that how can pick the allowed hard to wear this clothes because it is Diwali.

Rishabh waits for Sherlyn ,she enters the house and understands that Rishabh is very angry when he asks that where was she she lies that she went to a boutique.

Preeta goes and finds the gift given by Karan she thinks that how can he give this kind of you because the colour of the dress is not liked by Karan.

She thinks that if Karan has brought she has wear. Sonakshi thinks that her plan has worked. Karan finds Sonakshi in the dress but he could not understand.

He goes and hugs Sonakshi later on when Sonakshi turns around he gets shocked to see her.

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