Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2021: Sonakshi Demands 2 crores from karan

Kundali Bhagya

Sonakshi calls at the luthra house and threatens them.She tells them that their daughter pihu is with them .Preeta tells her to keep pihu safe.

Karan tells that nothing should happen to his daughter he ask them not touch his daughter pihu.Sonakshi questions that why did they take so much long time to pick up the call.

She demands 2 crores from the lutra’s to get back pihu.Afetr wards she tells the goons that they will get their money and at that moment sherlyn enters there.

Sonakshi gets shocked to see her there.In the latest episodes it was seen that the family gets to know that pihu is kidnapped.

After hearing this the ltra’s gets shocked.Kareena blames preeta for all that has happened she tells that if she would have gone to pick up pihu at the right time this would not have happened.

On the other hand sherlyn tells sonakshi that she knows that all this are her plan sona at first gets afraid but sherlyn tells that she will support her in all this .

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