Kundali Bhagya 23rd NOV 2021: Rishab gets to know the truth, Preeta finds Rishab drunk

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2021

Kundli Bhagya episode 23rd November 2021- Rishabh files Prithvi and Sherlyn together in the jail. He gets shocked to see that both of them are in relationship.

He comes out of the jail and starts drinking. He feels bad for his family and himself. Sonakshi thinks that why has Karan still not returned home.

She Goes and tells rakhi that she will be helping to serve dinner. Rakhi asks Girish to call Mahesh. Girish says that he has called for his but he told that he will first watch the sports match and then have his dinner.

Sonakshi asks Preeta about Karan she says that Karan has gone for practice and he will be late. Rishabh enters the house. Bani ask him to have the dinner.

Preeta goes to close the door as it is thundering outside. Rishabh loses his balance Preeta asks him to look. She smells of something and gets to know that he is drunk.

Rishabh gets into his room and starts speaking to himself. She starts finding the reports of Sherlyn’s pregnancy because he doubts that the baby that was going to born was not his.

He finds everything and finally gets the report and gets shocked. Preeta asks Sherlyn to go to their room and have dinner together with Rishabh.

She also tells her that she thinks that Rishabh is very stressed out she asks her to take care of Rishabh. Sherlyn enters the room and finds that everything is on the floor and the room is very messy.

She finds Rishabh coming out of the washroom and asks that what has he done. She says that it looks like as if he has seen a ghost.

Rishabh says that nowadays human beings have become so bad that it feels like they are only ghost. He asks Sherlyn to dance with him.

He asks the truth from her. She says that she can’t understand what is he telling. Rishabh asks that the child that she had it was his or not.

She says that she can understand why is he is speaking like this he says that he has got to know all the truth that she was hiding from him.

He tells that he knows very well that she and Prithvi both are in a relationship. He reminds her how very cleverly she got married to him.

He asks the truth from her Sherlyn goes to console him he asks her not to touch him and tell the truth. He asks whether the child that she had was his or Prithvi’s.

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