Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 18 November 2021:Sai and Virat to become parents

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Virat tells sai that he is hungry and goes to bring some food Pakhi calls Vaishali and informs her that Bhavani has told Virat and sai to stay together.

She also tells that Bhawani has asked them to have a baby. Vaishali says that it is ok and it is logical because both of them are husband and wife.

Pakhi asks her not to give the problem but to tell some solution and cuts the call. Sonali goes to Mohit and Karishma and asks them to have a baby.

Mohit says that he earns a little amount of money and with this earnings, he can’t take care of a baby at the moment. Mohit leaves the room angrily.

Sonali asks Karishma to make him understand. On the other hand Virat and Sai feed each other. Sai asks that how can Bhawani change so frequently.

Virat says that someone may have influenced her once again. Pakhi goes to her room and finds that Samrat is sleeping and she gets relief to know that he will be not asking about making a baby.

She goes to the bed to take the pillow when Samrat asks that what is she doing she tells that she will be sleeping on the couch Samrat asks had to sleep on the bed.

Samrat finds that she is stressed out and offers her a message. But she tells that she does not want anything some that asks that the she of Virat till now or not.

Samrat asks Pakhi to move ahead with a relationship.Virat tells Sai that if she doesn’t want to shift with him, he can take a transfer. 

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