Anupama Update: Will Anupama accept anuj as a friend anymore?


In the upcoming episode of Anupama it will be seen that samar makes Anupama understand that Anupama used to love vanraj but Anuj loves her more than that.

Anuj GK that he has lost Anupama before getting her. Kavya start taunting Anupama Leela gets angry on Anupama and tells that for them they had to face so many problems and now she will take the revenge.

Samar so much so that he has understood the meaning of relationship and now Anupama must decide that what will she be with Anuj as a friend.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anuj tells everyone that he loves Anupama . But unfortunately he never got the chance to express himself in front of Anupama.

He says that they are lucky that they have got Anupama but still they don’t care about her. Anupama overhears all this conversation and gets shocked to know that Anuj loves her very much.

Vanraj starts thinking that why is he feeling upset because of this because you he knew all this from before. Kavya comes and says him that Anupama and Anuj both are very clever.

Kavya says that she knew from the beginning that this will be happening and she also knew that Anupama and Anuj have something between them.

Anuj feels bad for Anupama he thinks that how can he tell something to the family which he never told Anupama. He says that he should not hide the truth.

He decides to tell the truth to Anupama on the other hand Anupama breaks down she starts thinking about Anuj and incidents that has happened before.

Samar consoles Anupama and says that it is ok if Anuj has loved her he tries to make her understand but Anupam aunty nice to hear anything.

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