Anupama Update :Anupama to get in relation with Anuj ?

Anupama 22 november 2021

High Voltage drama is going on in serial Anupama. The upcoming episode promo has been released. In the upcoming episode it will be quite interesting to find that what happens.

In the upcoming episode Hasmukh tells Anupama that god has sent Anuj to her life now it is her decision whether she will allow him to be in her life or not.

On the other hand Kavya hugs vanraj. Vanraj decides that he will be the perfect boy for the family. Hasmukh tells Anupama to make Anuj her life partner. Anupama gets shocked to hear this.

Will Anupama and Anuj become life partners ?

How will vanraj and the other family members react to this ?

Anupama episode 20th November precap : Leela agrees that she is responsible for this what is happening in the house.Vanraj tells that at last she has accepted her fault.

He tells Leela that he will not allow her to enter the house until and unless his father comeback. Suddenly he finds her Hasmukh standing behind them.

Vanraj goes and hugs him he request him to come back to the house but her Hasmukh says that it is impossible for him to return to the house. Leela also request him to come back.

Leela says that it was Kavya who was telling her all this and she got angry. Kavya things that how can Leela do like this and blame her.

Kavya ask that what has she done now.Vanraj screams at her and says that he can’t remember one single day when the family has enjoyed after she came to that house.

Kavya shouts and tells that she has done no mistake. She tells that the mistake is anupama’s and the rest of the mistake is his parents.

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