Anupama Update :Leela starts insulting Hasmukh


Anuj to marry Anupama and end only problems. Anuj put Sindoor on Anupama’s forehead and even things that he is marrying Anupama.

He tells everyone that he loves Anupama but Anupama does not have space for his love. Anupama tells that both of them are only good friends.

Leela tell that all this happens outside India but this is India. And unless and until the relationship has a name everyone will constantly speak about them.

Hasmukh asks her to stop all this drama and ask her to leave. Hasmukh tells that it is his factory and he is ordering had to leave the factory as soon as possible.

Leela tells that she will not leave from there. Leela questions that what has he done in his life. She says that he is not successful in his life.

She tells that when she got married to him he did not have the money to take her by a car so she had to work and come to her in-laws.

She says that after her marriage he never bought gold jewellery for her but whatever they give she is to accept it with happiness.

She says that it is due to vanraj that Doly could study and she got married because her son did all this. He says that the factory is also given by his father.

She questions that didn’t then what has he done in his life. He stands still Anupam’s says that he has earned less money that doesn’t mean that he does not care about the family.

Kavya thinks that Leela has gone absolutely mad that she is speaking on this. Everyone stands shocked after hearing on this.

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