Anupama S1 Episode 427 : Kavya steals the house from the shah’s


Kavya tells vanraj that his parents had not accepted her as the daughter in law of that house. He says she says that father Anupama and his children has also not accepted her.

Vanraj tells Kavya that she has been not able to win anyone’s heart. Kavya says that she can’t even win any one’s heart because everyone in the family only thinks about Anupama.

Anupama asks her to stop and come inside the house and argue. Kavya ask her to shut up her mouth.Vanraj says to Kavya that he regret marrying her post latter claim that Hasmukh is no less than Leela, who enjoys house drama.

Hasmukh tells that he shouldn’t have come over there. Kavya says that yes he is right he shouldn’t have come over there. It is because of him the problem has arised.

Anupama asks both of them to come inside the house and argue.Vanraj tells that when they have started the argument it should end it. He says to Kavya that he has done very wrong with Anupama.

And he doesn’t want to do the same thing with Kavya. He tells that the house is Hasmukh’s.He says that everyone wants to stay in a joint family.

And he has also stayed in a joint family and enjoy the time. But he can’t see the relations getting bad. She says to Kavya that they must leave the house.

He tells that if they stay away from the house and everyone stays happy then this is the only solution. He says that it will be good that they will meet only on occasions.

He has Kavya that they should pack their luggage. He holds her hand and what’s inside the house when Kavya leaves his hand. She says that she will be going nowhere.

She says that she will be staying over there.Vanraj tells that they must end all this problems. Kavya says yes the same thing she is saying is that they must end all these problems.

She says that she has something to tell and after that all the problems will come to an end. Kavya goes inside the house and bring some papers.

She asks vanraj to read the papers we get shock reading the papers. Kavya reveals that the house is Her. She says that she has very cleverly Taken all the property on her name.

She also reveals that the person who has helped in all this is Rakhi . Everyone gets shocked. He explains how cleverly he took the signature of Dolly, Anupama and vanraj on the property papers.

Anupama says that yes in the last 26 years they have spoken badly with each other. They are also hurt Each Other sometimes. But they have never stolen something.

Anupama tells Kavya that the thing she has done is known as stealing.Kavya says she is glad she is own the house else Vanraj would have thrown her out on the road.

Kavya tells the shah to go and stay with Anupama. She tells that if Anupama does not allow them to stay then they can seat on the road and start begging.

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