Anupama Episode 425,19th November 2021 :OH NO! Vanraj learns the truth


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. Leela walks on the road and thinks of what she has told Hasmukh.

She feels guilty for herself she remembers how she insulted her husband in front of everyone. Anupama follows her. On the other hand vanraj asks Paritosh that what is the truth.

Vanraj asks everyone that they are hiding anything from him or not. Leela goes to fall when Anupama catches her. She asks her to walk carefully otherwise she will fall.

Leela says that how much she can fall. Leela tells that she has already Fallen because she has insulted her husband. Anupama and Leela sit in the park.

Leela tells that she has done a very big mistake she says that she did not even understand her husband. She starts crying.Anupama consoles her.

Anupama tells that the things which she has done in the last 26 years with her she is really upset with that and sometimes she also got angry.

But that thing which Leela has done this time it’s so bad that she can’t be forgiven. Leela says that actually, she was habituated with Anupama.

Anupama gets shocked to listen all this from her. Leela tells that when she used to see her with Anupama she could not accept it.

Leela says that she knew that there was nothing between Anupama and her son but still she could not forget because she has stayed with her for the last 26 years.

Anupama gets emotional listening to all this. On the other hand vanraj ask Kavya that what happened. Kavya tells that how Leela insulted Hasmukh and he left the house.

Vanraj shouts at Paritosh because he has lied to him. Anupama asks Leela to return home and take some rest. Anupama speaks Anuj and gets to know that now Hasmukh is ok.

She turns home with Leela when she hears vanraj shouting on everyone.Vanraj tells that the thing his mother has done can be forgiven. She says that he will not eat anything until and unless he can bring back his father home.

He finds that Anupama and Leela are standing on the door he shouts at Anupama that why has she come there. Leela says that she came there to drop her.

Kavya thinks whether Leela and Anupama at together once again.Vanraj tells that son can do a mistake but mother can’t. He tells that after all that has happened he is very upset with them.

He starts screaming on Leela, Anupama tells that they can speak after going inside the house because everyone is watching them.

Vanraj tells that he will not allow only that we enter the house. Anupama says that Hasmukh is at her place and after he gets she will sent him home.

Vanraj tell something that he knows this, he thanks Anupama for taking care of his father. Kavya comes forward and asks that has he gone mad. Because it was Anupama for home on this has happened.

Anupama asks Kavya to shut her mouth because they should not speak about this matter now. Kavya asks that why she telling to shut her mouth is afraid of the truth or vanraj’s anger.

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