Anupama Ep 431, November 26 :Anupama and anuj spends time together

Anupama November 26 2021

Kavya things that she must handle the whole family because she is the owner of the house as well as the daughter in law of the house. She asks everyone how were they and wish them good morning.

But no one respond to her she asks Leela about her medicine Hasmukh tell that he has given the medicine to her. Anupama calls leela ,Leela gets excited.

Leela says that it is Bhai Dooj and ask her to come and visit the house but Anupama says that she has important meeting she gives lots of love to the family.

Kinjal says that Pakhi will do the Bhai Dooj. Pakhi gets upset thinking that everyone is said and no one is enjoying. Pakhi starts dancing and everyone gets happy.

On the other hand Anupama thinks that maybe pakhi has done the Bhai Dooj rituals. She makes special chocolate for Anuj. She remembers the memories with Anuj.

Later on vanraj call Leela he tells that he wants to say something to her. He says that he was so involved in the problems of the house that he left behind his career.

He tells that he knows that Kavya does mistakes and she will repeat them again. Leela tells that she knows that she will again repeat her mistakes.

He says that but this time he will say nothing to her. He says that he was the lion-like the king of the Jungle and everyone used to respect him in his office and also everywhere.

He says that he has lost everything but he now wants to get back all those things. Leela promise that she will try to help him out by solving the household problems.

Leela tells Hasmukh that vanraj wants to start his life and again become a winner. Hasmukh think that his son must go on the right path to get success.

Anupama reaches the office. Anuj smells the chocolate and asks whether Anupama has brought his favourite chocolate he gets very excited.

Before Anupama could bring a spoon Anuj starts eating the chocolate. Anupama start smiling because while eating Anuj starts sitting like a little kid.

On the other hand Paritosh asks Kinjal whether she have thought anything about returning back to her mother’s house. She tells that she will never go to that house and will always stay there.

But it also says that she does not worry about her at all, Kinjal questions did he behave so badly with Anupama. Kavya takes Paritosh’s side but Kinjal does not pay attention at her and leaves.

On the other hand and fastest laughing watching Anuj she says that chocolate is sticking to his face. Anuj sees himself in the mirror and he also starts laughing. GK watches everything and gets happy for them.

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