Anupama 17th november 2021 promo Update

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In the upcoming episode of serial Anupama it will be seen that Anupama tries to make her Hasmukh happy. Anupama tells Hasmukh that sometimes when they laugh when they are not happy ,then they feel good.

She takes him to a yoga place where everyone starts doing the laughing yoga but still he says that he can’t laugh and he breaks down and starts crying. And feels extremely bad for him.

On the other hand Jignesh packs his bag and says that he will be leaving the house now. He says that it is Bhai Dooj and for the first time he will be not doing the rituals.

He leaves the house and Leela sits on the floor. Kavya says that she has done a very bad thing and they have to make all this thing correct before vanraj returns home.

In the latest episode of Star Plus serial Anupama It is seen that Leela insults Hasmukh in front of everyone. She tells that from now she will be ordering him and he have to listen to her orders.

She asks him to come with him he says that he will be not going to that house anymore. He breaks down his starts crying he says that at this age he has nothing.

He tells that he will beg in front of Temple he will clean everyone’s shoe’s and earn some money to make his living but he will definitely not return to that house.

Anupama tells him that his daughter is still alive and in the presence of his daughter, he will not do all this. She tells that he will be going to her house which is his house.

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