Starplus Anupama ‘BIG TWIST’ :Anuj tells GK not to invite Anupama’s family for Dandiya

Image credits- video grab

In the latest track of serial Anupama it is been seen that Anuj gets a bad dream he dreams of Anupama leaving the job. He wakes up from his dream. GK asks that what is wrong with him.

Anuj  confessed seeing Anupamas picture with her family he gets scared. Anuj add Anupama doesn’t belong to him than why he worry for her.

On the other hand Anupama and vanraj apologize to Pakhi for their mistake and regular arguments. Pakhi asks them to become friends they shake hands.

The family gets happy seen both of them together once again Kavya asks everyone not to do anymore drama in the house.

GK plans for Dandiya, Anuj asks him not to call Anupama because if he calls Anupama there will be problem once again.

GK tells Anuj that he thinks that vanraj it has only sent Kavya to his office so that she can spy-up on both of them. Anuj tells that he does not think that he has sent Caveat to spy on them.

Hasmukh tells Anupama that he will be inviting all the women of the society so that they can participate in the cooking competition.

Leela ask him not to do all this because otherwise the women’s will try to to become friends with Anuj. Anupama gets upset and she leaves for her office.

Anupama finds Nandini running somewhere she asks that what is the matter she says that if she does not run away from there then Rohan will kill samar.

Anupama tells that she does not have to go anywhere they will fight Back Rohan. She says that she must inform the family so that all of them come together to save samar.

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