Kundali Bhagya Weekly update: Rishab gives Prithvi a good answer,Karan and preeta fight

Kundali Bhagya

Rishabh finds that someone is harming their company, as a result the company profits are decreasing. Prithvi starts behaving with Rishabh.

Rishab asks him to go to Dubai take Kritika over there and make her to shopping is there are many good shops there. Prithvi says that he loves Kritika very much and he knows very well that Kritika is not like that. He says that she likes to stay at home.

Sameer tries to speak in between Prithvi ask him to shut up because to elder’s speaking. Rishab tells that he is son in law and he was there like that.Preeta and everyone sits in the breakfast table. They get to know that Kareena has went with Sonakshi to leave her to the airport.

Sherlyn is shocked to know that Kareena has gone with Sonakshi to the airport she thinks that how can this be possible because Kareena does not like her. Kritika is also upset with this she speaks to Prithvi and tells that she does not know that how can everyone act so normal after knowing that Kareena is with Sonakshi.

Karan, Rishabh and Preeta leaves for Pihu School Preeta and Karan starts arguing and fighting in the car. Later and Sameer picks Srishti. Both of them speaks to each other but they are unable to tell what they want to say to each other. They once again start arguing.

Karan calls Sameer and speaks to him, Sameer ask Srishti to keep quiet as he would be speaking. But she does not listen and says to Karan that his brother is fighting with her. Rishabh enters Karan room, Karan makes an excuse and says that Srishti wants to speak to him.

Shristi says that he is very good and she likes him very much and she cuts the call. Understands that they may have been fighting. Rishabh show Karan and tells that someone is stealing their deal for which the company is going in loss. Prithvi finance all this and he gets happy to know that both the brothers are in tension

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