Kundali Bhagya Episode 27th oct 2021- Preeta tells the truth to rakhi

Preeta and Rakhi goes to meet Rishabh in the jail, both get emotional. While Rakhi leaves early, Preeta stays back for a while. 

Preeta then talks to Rakhi and assures her that everything will soon be alright.Rakhi tells that she cant leave without her son.

She tells if anything happens to him, she will commit suicide. Preeta then assures her that nothing will happen to Rishabh.

Preeta says he will be released from jail tomorrow. Rakhi asks that how will she do that.Preeta tells that she has solid evidence against Sandeep.

Rakhi then asks her to hand over the evidence to the police.Preeta tells that she wants the mastermind to get punished.

She reveals that Prithvi is the mastermind who wants to ruin their lives. Rakhi gets shocked to hear that.Rakhi reaches home and looks for Prithvi.

Prithvi ask that why is she calling him, Rakhi slaps him which leaves everyone in shock. Rakhi then accuses him of destroying their life.

Kareena and Kritika supports pritvi.Rakhi then asks Mahesh to call the police but Prithvi suddenly runs from the house to save himself. Preeta then realizes that it was all going on in her thoughts 

Preeta asks not to take any decision in hurry. Rakhi then feels bad for Kritika,Preeta says that  she deserves a much better man in her life.

They reach home and Prithvi offers preeta to help her in Rishabh’s case, she asks him to find clues. 

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