Kundali Bhagya 18 October 2021-Rishab goes to the court, Preeta tries to save him

Kundali Bhagya 18 October 2021 Written Update

After Srishti leaves from the doctors house Prithvi enters and asks the doctor to go on acting like this and give him the money for telling the lie to everyone.

Prithvi thinks that how had he once again made full of Preeta. He remembers that the last night Kritika came to his room when he started acting that he loves both the brothers Karan and Rishabh.

And as a result Kritika got emotional and tells the truth about the plan to him. Later on Sherlyn finds Prithvi giving Rose to Kritika and both of them having a romantic moment.

Sherlyn gets angry on Prithvi, she tells him that she has become and liar only because of him because she loves him, and he is doing romantic things with Kritika.

Prithvi tries to make her understand, he gets angry and slaps her. Sherlyn also gets angry on him and slap him. On the other hand Preeta and Srishti meets the lawyer.

The lawyer tells that the case is very problematic so it will take time to give Rishabh bail. He says that he is trying his best.

The next day Rishabh goes to the court, the defence lawyer says that it was Rishabh who has intentionally tried to kill Sandeep.

The defence last says that actually Rishabh had to pay some money to Sandeep that’s why he had done all this. Sandeep and his family arrives at the court and asks recharge to punish Rishabh.

Dr Shashank also comes to the court and tells lie that Sandeep has met a dangerous accident and maybe he will be not able to walk in his life.

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