Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein spoiler update: Virat learns the truth, Sai in danger

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein latest update till now it is seen that sai leaves the house without informing anyone. On the other hand the family starts speaking about sai.

Taking the opportunity Pakhi also starts taunting her. Virat also takes their side and talks bad about her.Sai stands in the bus stand for the bus.

She Falls into a pit, and her friends sees that they immediately take her to the hospital.Sai gets admitted into the hospital the doctors take her to the operation theatre.

Ashwani finds a letter in which sai has written that she is leaving the house forever she gets shocked she breaks down after hearing the news.

She gives the letter to the family members everyone gets shocked, Virat says that he is not absolutely shocked by her decision.

Samrat asks Virat that how can he don’t know about all this Pakhi takes Virat side, Samrat gets angry on Pakhi. He makes her understand to support the family.

Samrat asks Virat to come with him so that they can go out to find sai, but Virat denies to accompany him.

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