Apna time bhi aayega Episode 4 October: OH NO! Does Rani marry Suraj?

Apna time bhi aayega

Apna time bhi aayega

Zee TV daily soap apna time bhi aayega upcoming update- Suraj ask to decorate very nicely because it is his marriage. Vijaya asks Rani to get ready for the wedding.

Rani gets ready for the wedding, the Pandit calls the Dulhan, Vijaya brings Rani in the marriage rituals starts. Surat says that there is one more thing to be done there are some guest from the side of Rani.

Features on the TV and they find that it is veer and Rajmata, the Pandit completes all the rituals. And asks to take blessings from veer.

Ver says that he is ready to give the blessings to Suraj also for his new life, Rani enters the video she says that she will also bless Suraj because she is his teacher.

They get shocked to see Rani over there, define that the women Suraj is married to is no one but an old woman. The police comes and arrest Suraj and Vijaya.

Rani says that how she made the plan she says that Kajari helped her to run away from the house. She says that the the last night she got to know about the factory name where they have kept veer and Rajmata.

And Rajeshwari complained to the police about all this Vijaya gets shocked to see this. Rajeshwar tells that she wants to slap Vijaya. She reminds her that she is the queen.

The police address both of them. Everyone gets happy. The next day Rajeshwari asks Rajmata to seating this year.Veer, Vikram and each and everyone in the family seems to be very happy because they have got back their house and all the things.

Rani takes blessings from Rajeshwari , Rajeshwari gets emotional she says that she has behave very badly with her she says that from today she has only one thing that she can gift to Rani that is love. Rajeshwari also gets emotional along with Rani.

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