Anupama update: OMG! Anuj plans a surprise for anupama


Star Plus serial Anupama-Vanraj start taunting Anupama and says that now Anupama will be working with Anuj for 2 years.

Anupama says Leela that Anuj has not given the money for helping them but it is a loan. She says that how I know just said that she has to work for the company because the company is paying loan.

She also had that if the factory gets sold then it’s ok otherwise a fixed amount from Anupama salary will be deducted every month.

On the other hand another returns home and says to GK to bring chocolate milk for him he asks that why is Anuj upset. Anuj says that he is is is responsible for Anupama problem.

He says that if you would have told the the things that he wanted to see Anupama 26 years ago than Anupama would have been like a Queen today.

Kinjal says Anupama that Rohan is disturbing Nandini Anupama asks that why did she did not inform her. Anupama goes to dance academy when she receives a call and leaves.

She enters Anuj’s house and finds that Hasmukh is sitting and playing chess with GK she gets shocked she asks that why did he call him there.

Hasmukh tells that it was a surprise for her, Anuj gives a letter to Anupama, Anupama opens the envelope and finds her name written on the letter.

Anupama says that in the society a woman is never remembered by Her name she is only remembered by the name of the kids or husband. Anupama gets excited.

GK asks Anupama to prepare some halwa. Anuj says that he will also help her in the kitchen. Anupama returns home and asks for the blessings of everyone.

Leela gets shocked to know that Anupama was cooking at Anuj’s kitchen she says that she will not tolerate all this.

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