Anupama Update – Devika warns Anuj about Kavya


Anuj gives the opportunity to Kavya to work with them. Kavya thank him for giving her the opportunity to work in his company.

Anuj tells that it is Anupama who has given her the opportunity because she is the partner in this project. He says that Anupama has said that a Kavya is extremely talented and experienced and it would be not right to not give her a chance.

Anuj asks Kavya to address him as sir, she also asked her to go to Anupama and say thank you to her. Kavya goes to Anupama and says thank you to her. She asks her to say thank you to Anuj, she says that I no just only told her to say thank you to her.

On the other hand later on Devika gets to know that Kavya will be working with them she gets shocked, she warns Anuj about Kavi and asks him to stay away of her . Anuj says that he has never taken a bad decision. And he hopes that he has not taken a bad decision this time also.

Pakhi makes a cake for her parents so that they get happy. Everyone gets happy seeing that she has make such a beautiful and delicious cake. Kavya asks Pakhi to go inside, because she needs to speak to the family for once. She inform everyone about her new job.

She says that she has gone to Anuj Kapadiya office, and she has also got the job.Vanraj gets angry on her because she has accepted the job. She says that he has lost his mind and he should go to a doctor. He gets angry on Kavya.

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