Anupama Update :Anuj tells Anupama to leave the house


Devika finds Anuj. She finds that he is sitting down and crying they were goes to console him. She says that they have nothing to do in anupama’s case because it is hard decision what should she do.

Anuj says that why it always happens with Anupama why will Anupama always listen to all this insults. Devika says that it was her decision to stay with the family after her divorce and they can do nothing in this case.

Devika makes him understand that Anupama took the decision of staying with her family. Anuj tells that Devika that he has asked Anupama to leave the house.

Devika gets shocked listening to this. On the other hand everyone returns home vanraj says Hasmukh that he knows that he has done a big mistake. He says that but he had to do this to show Anuj that they are not reliable on them.

Hasmukh joins his hand in front of him away from there and goes away from there. Anupama enters the house she says sorry to vanraj.

He feels happy listening sorry from Anupama he asks her to tell the reason why she is saying sorry. She says that she is telling sorry because she has made him scared.

Anupama tells that she has made him scared by doing the things that he can’t even think of doing. She it breaks her silence she says that it he is trying to stop her but he will fail in all this.

Vanraj tells that he will be always superior than her in each and every case. Leela gets angry listening to Anupam and ask her to stop Anupama says that today she will speak.

Kinjal and Pakhi gets happy seeing Anupama confident. Anupama informs him clearly that she will be working with Anuj. On the other hand Anuj gets upset.

Anuj decides to tear the paper on which both of them had their hand prints. GK stops him and asks him to not do anything like that. Anuj asks that whether Anupama is ok or not he says that he does not know.

On the other hand Anupama says vanraj that now it is time for her to work and take decision for him. Leela says Anupama that he can’t work with a man that they does not know.

Anupama says that she has been living in that house with the man she does not know for so many days. Leela asks that who is the man she says that the man is vanraj.Leela queries that if really her ex-husband is a unknown man to her. Kavya says that this obvious.

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