Anupama Update : Anuj miss Anupama .Gk ask anuj to call her



Anupama reads the papers. She Learns that Anuj has not eaten anything from the morning. She gets angry on him she says that if he does not eat something she will be scolding him.

Anupama asks Anuj to have some food. Anupama gets to know that he has migraine. Anupama brings chocolate milk for him. Anuj Gets happy.

Anupama says sorry to him for scolding him. Anupama asks that more work is left or not Anuj ask her to do the rest of the work tomorrow.

Anuj things that he has did the whole day with Anupama still he wants to stay with her. Anupama confronts vanraj she says that when he was in relation with Kavya he never asked about them.

Vanraj gets angry on her Anupama asks that why does he show right on her when both of them had divorced. Anupama gets angry on him.

Anuj thinks of Anupama GK ask that how was the day. Anu says that he is missing on Anupama GK asks to call her. Anuj tells that what will he say after calling her.

GK ask him to make some excuse and speak to her.Anupama makes the list of women who can cook Kinjal and Nandini helps her out.

Kavya gets angry on vanraj she says that when both of them are divorced what is between them that he always feels about Anupama.

Kavya asked that why does he always think about Anupama and Anuj. Anupama decides to put some of Leela’s Friend in the list.

Leela Ask her to not look to involve her friends in all these she says Anupama to break the relation with the no she says that a boy and a girl can only be friends.

Kavya gets angry on vanraj and says that from now she will be managing the cafe because he always thinks of Anupama and Anuj.

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