Anupama Update : Anuj and Anupama Shocked to see Vanraj in the puja


Star Plus serial Anupama is coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode. In the latest episode it is seen that Anupama gets the invitation letter for the new business you starting with Anuj.

Anupama gives invitation letter to Leela ,Leela finds that Anupama and Anuj name is written together. Leela gets angry to see this she says that she can’t see other men’s name with Anupama’s name.

Hasmukh says that Leela says that Anupama is like her daughter but she has not accepted that you from her heart. Anupama asks Leela to join them for the Puja.

Leela takes the letter from Anupama and tears it. Anupama gets shocked to see that Jignesh tells that when Leela gets angry she does like this only.

But Jignesh says that he will be going with Anupama to the Puja, Hasmukh,samar, Kinjal and Pakhi also appreciate that. Anupama speaks to herself and says that it is a new beginning that’s why she is facing difficulties.

The next day Anuj waits for Anupama to come. Devika starts taunting Anuj, Anuj asks Devika and GK to keep quiet and not to crack useless jokes, because Anupama will be coming with her family.

Anupama enters there Anuj finds that both of them not wearing same colour clothes that he gets impressed to see that. Anuj shows the plan to Anupama.

Anupama says that she likes the plan very much and you find that everyone is taking a selfie. He asks Anupama to take a selfie.

Anuj says that he knows all her rules but the media is wanting a selfie. Anupama tells that she does not know what will happen but the beginning should be a grand beginning.

She likes the selfie taken by Anuj and ask him to share the picture. Everyone sits for the Puja when they find that Kavya Leela and vanraj has arrived.

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