Anupama Ep 14th october 2021 sneak peek


Star Plus daily soap Anupama serial Anupama has always been in the top 5 shows is coming up with new twist in each and every episode. The audience are liking the episode very much.

From the beginning serial Anupama has been in the position of top 5 shows on Star Plus. In the recent track it is seen that Anuj has entered Anupama’s life.

After entering Anupama’s life her life has changed, Anupama has got a new vision in her life to accomplish. Other than Kavya, Leela and vanraj everyone is supporting her for her future.

It has been seen that Leela is angry on Anupama because she has decided to work with Anuj. She has told Anupama that a boy and a girl can never be friends.

But instead of all the difficulties Anupama has came up with her decision and took decision to stand and work with Anuj so that she can change not only her future but the future of many women in the society like her.

In the latest episode It is seen that pakhi he is upset with her parents because the family is going on fighting. She asks her parents that what will she do. She questions them.

She asks that when parents get bored in the relationship they get divorced but when children get upset with the relationship then what can they do.

Anupama and vanraj decides to patch up for the sake of their children. The whole family gets happy to see their decision Pakhi ask them to patch up.

On the other hand Kavya has gone to Anuj’s office for the job Anupama has given her the opportunity to work with them.

It will be very interesting to find out that what is waiting in the upcoming episodes the makers of Anupama has always came up with something interesting story in each and every episode.

Keep on watching serial Anupama and stay tuned with us for latest spoilers and updates of serial Anupama.

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