Anupama 6th October 2021 : Anupama takes decision to stand up against Vanraj

Anupama 6th October 2021 Written Update

High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus serial Anupama- in the latest episode It is seen that vanraj insults Anuj and Anupama in front of everyone.

He says that if Anuj has to keep any relation with Anupama that may be secretly on in front of everyone he can do whatever he want.

Anuj asks him to stop whatever he is doing. But he does not listen to anyone he says that do it is his family and he does not want Anuj in touch with his family.

They leave from there Kavya makes him understand Anuj is a very powerful person and if he wants he can destroy everything he will not by the factory and neither he will give the jobs to them.

Vanraj says that he does not care about all this now. On the other hand Anupama starts crying and it goes to Anupama and makes her understand.

Anuj tells Anupama that she is the luckiest person in the world he says that he only has GK. But she has a family who understands her. Anuj says that though some of them does not understand her but still she has a family.

Anuj makes her understand that she has to to take a decision for herself. He says that she is divorced still she is staying in her in laws only because of the others happiness.

Hasmukh tell GK that the thing that his son has done it is not good he asks to forgive everyone. GK tells that he can forgive everything but the thing that today has happened can never be forgiven.

Anuj gets angry on himself and starts boxing. Anupama things about all that has happened a few moment before. She takes a decision.

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