Anupama 5th October 2021: Vanraj Insults Anuj in front of everyone


Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with new twist in its upcoming episode- till now it is seen that Leela Kavya and vanraj arrived for the Puja.

Everyone gets shocked seeing them because no one expected them. The Pandit asks Anuj and Anupama to stay with each other in every situation in the business.

The Pandit asks Anupama and Anuj to give their hand prints on a paper and asks him to keep the paper in the file. The paper flies and gets stuck to vanraj’s to shirt.

Kavya ask him to keep quiet and control His anger. The media comes to speak to Anupam and Anuj about their new project.Vanraj jealous watching Anupama.

Anuj become friends with Pakhi and promise her that he will be a friend of Anupama forever as she asked him that does he still love Anupama or not.

Vanraj speaks to Anuj after all the things are over. He ask Anuj death why did he send him the letter. Anuj says that all the decisions are not taken by him in the company there and many members who take the decision.

He once again starts insulting Anuj in front of everyone. Anupama and Anuj asks him to stay quiet . Anuj says that he has seen people saying thank you to investors who invest in thier startups.

Anuj tells that he is seeing for the first time that a Startup owner is insulting and investor. Kavya asks vanraj to keep his anger in control.

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