Anupama 15th October 2021 : Anupama shares her story to motivate the ladies

Vanraj asks Anupam that what is going on, Anupama says that many things are going on nowadays and she wants that when his children are in problem you should stand by them.

He does not understand anything and stand shocked. Anuj remembers that what has Devika said to him. He speaks to himself and says that he can’t allow anyone others words effect his life.

Anupama finds that the weather is changing she thinks that what will happen if it rains. She thinks that she has kept the competition in open place.

She gets scared to think that if it rains then the whole competition has to be cancelled,sarla comes and says to Anupama that she should not let her daughter-in-law win in the competition.

She tells Anupama that she does not want that her daughter will not become like Anupama. She also add that if she lets her win then she will not let her live in peace.

Leela asks Anupama to cancel sarla’s daughter in law but she says that it is not possible at the moment.Vanraj X Anupama side and supports her.

Leela asks that what is he even doing, he says that he does not care about anything until and unless his children gets affected.

On the other hand Anupama turn her dance academy into competition zone. Anuj thanks Anupama for arranging him place. Anupama gets excited to meet the ladies.

Hasmukh tells vanraj that he has given Anupama the permission to take the warehouse until and unless the competition gets completed.

Vanraj doesn’t react and says until competition is going on, he won’t go to the café.Samar gives his first salary to Hasmukh.

Everyone starts appreciating him,amar inform Anuj has given an idea and next time he will perform with Anupama. Leela says Anuj has entered the café and time will come when he will enter the house soon.

Vanraj does not react to all this and Kavya thinks that he will be reacting soon. Anupama and Anuj makes all the things ready for the competition.

Anuj thanks Anupama for giving him the place in her dance academy. Anupama waits for the ladies to come. The ladies starts coming and Anupama gets happy.

Anupama tells them han motivational story to motivate them everyone gets inspired by her story.

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