Sasural Simar Ka 2, 20th September 2021 : Reema in danger,Arav consoles Vivaan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th September 2021

Deven kidnaps reema,he ties her too a chair,reema went out of the house when she was kidnapped.Reema gets to know that deven has done like this to take revenge.

Simar receives Reema’s message which reads, “I’m out of the house to pursue my dreams. And will be b back soon and will going to make you all proud.”

Simar gets tensed as she douts that it is not reema and she may be in danger.Arav comes and she shows him the mesage.

He reacts aggressively,simar say that reema is in danger.Vivaan hears the talks between them,they gets shocked to see him there,vivaan ask the the truth,arav tries to change the topic.

Vivaan insists to tell the truth. Arav tells a truth to him and then he gets hurt that he has tears in his eyes.

Vivaan starts crying Arav hugs him and consoles him.Simar gets tensed about reema.Reema tells deven to open her hands but he denies.

Reema is in a great danger,While Simar is keeps on convening Vivaan for Reema. And the episode ends here.

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