Kundali Bhagya Update: Luthra’s makes a plan to trap the goons

Kundali Bhagya

The goons starts threatening everybody and says that they want their boxes. Everyone gets afraid. Mahesh and Rakhi things that they are just joking with the family.

They take them likely Mahesh says that if they want money she will give them the money, but they must leave because they are musicians. Everyone asks that what is going on.

Mahesh explains that they are actually musicians , but unfortunately their contracts has been cancelled and they are in tension that how will they are no money.

Mahesh takes the gun, and fires then he understands that they are goons. The goons tells everybody to give back their boxes but they find that there is nothing in the boxes.

The gets shocked to see that they ask everyone that where are there drugs.Preeta says that she has replaced the boxes. She explains that when Pihu told her about them at the very moment she got to know that there is something wrong.

She says that their things are intact in the washroom and asks them to go there and take their things and leave the house. Shristi asks them to come with her.

Pihu hides in the room and finds that sarla it is there,sarla asks Pihu to help her to open her knot. Srishti takes them to the washroom and locks them inside.

Sarla reveals to Srishti that how Pihu has saved her. On the other hand preeta signals Mahesh to start their plan. Karan tells Rishabh that he wants to speak to him and Sameer.

Prithvi comes forward Karan and asks that why is he coming forward, he says that he is also their family but they don’t listen to him.

They start arguing, Rakhi asks Mahesh that what is going on Mahesh tells that they are acting in front of them. Rakhi tells Kareena that actually they are acting as if they are fighting with each other.

One of the goons says that Prithvi was already fighting with his wife a few moments ago. Kritika gets shocked she says that she was not fighting with him.

As soon as Prithvi starts speaking and starts acting, the others attacks the goons and take their weapons.Sarla comes downstairs,one of the goons attacks her and threatens everybody.

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