Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi gets jealous of Sherlyn

Kundali Bhagya

Kritika asks Prithvi that what is he doing there he says that he is thinking about his future what should he do with the business. Kritika says that he must be arrested.

Prithvi gets shocked hearing this he asks that why he should be registered Kritika tales because he is so sweet. Sherlyn doubts that Rishabh is having a extramarital affair.

She tries to hear what Rishabh is speaking on the phone. Prithvi gets jealous because he finds that Sherlyn is looking at Rishabh.

Sherlyn follows Rishabh she hears that he is saying I love you to someone on the phone. Prithvi comes from behind and ask heart that what is going on and takes her to a different place.

The goons enters the house, Mahesh asks that cant they understand one thing that he has not call them. The goons try to confess him and says that they are very good singers.

They said that they don’t have money and they want some money Rakhi feels bad for them and ask Mahesh to give them the money. When Mahesh asks them to sing a song they sing very badly. Mahesh asks them to stop and take the payment before they leave.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she doubts Rishab has extra marital affair. Kareena and Rakhi overhears this conversation and decides to speak to him.

Preeta, plays with Pihu and later on Sonakshi also joints them. Rakhi asks Rishabh of that does he have some extra marital affair. Rishabh says that he has nothing.

Rakhi asks Rishab to call Sherlyn, and tell her I love you. Srishti overhears all this conversation and so is this to Sameer. Karan gets to know about all this and he says that he was sure that Rishabh has an affair.

Shristi says that she will be supporting Sherlyn, because in this case if it is true then Rishab is wrong. The goons finds Pihu in the kitchen and asks about the boxes. She says that some of the boxes are in the store room They decides to find the store room.

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