Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Sai reaches homes, Virat informs the family about his meeting with Pakhi

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

The family things that where is Virat.Sai enters the house everyone asks that does she know about Virat she does not tell anything and go inside.

Shivani ask her what has happened,sai says that nothing has happened and she denies to open her mouth. But she tells everything to her house she found Virat and Pakhi together.

Shivani teases her and says how much she loves Virat,sai says that their marriage is only a deal and there is nothing between them.

Pakhi enters the house, and after that Virat also comes back to the house. Later on Virat hears all the conversations between Shivani and sai.

Sai says that Virat should tell Samrat about his meeting with Pakhi.Virat keeps listening to Sai and then goes to talk to the family.

Virat goes to the family and says that he has moved forward in his life and informs that he went to a cafe with Pakhi.

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