Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein : NEW BEGINNING for Pakhi and Samrat’s Married life

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

High Voltage drama is going on in serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein, In the upcoming episode it will be shown that, patralekha gets ready to sit in the Griha Shanti Puja.

Bhavani praises pakhi’s look, Pakhi says that it is a new beginning for her life that’s why she has prepared herself.

Bhavani says she is looking the same like how she looked on her wedding day. Pakhi says she wants to forget that day,and start fresh.

On the other hand pulkit speaks to sai he tells that he thought everything will be ok after samrat returns home then why is she thinking of transferring the collge,

Sai says Virat is behaving indifferently nowadays. He argues with her all the time. Chavans also never like whatever she does. So she doesn’t want to participate in the puja. 

Bhavani tells Pakhi to wear her jewels. Omkar says Pakhi has glow on her face. Pakhi asks about Sai and Shivani reveals Virat locked Sai in a room.

In the latest episode sai be nice to see it in the Puja Virat asks, to be her in the Puja at least for Samrat and Pakhi. But she denies to agree to him he decides to lock her in the room.

But Sai runs away from her room, she goes to the college and speaks to the principal about the transfer of college, Pulkit gets to know about sai’s plan of transferring college.

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